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~~From the smallest of parties to the largest of venues,Djs Downunder has everything you need to make the occasion a special one,providing top quality entertainment throughout the Brisbane, Logan and Gold coast areas.                         

~~Djs,mcs and karaoke hosts are readily available,although bookings are essential,we are not a jukebox hire nor do we loan out equipment.                                     

~~Djs Downunder only operates with the best in video, audio setups such as - Yamaha,Behringer,Shure,Technics,Voco-Pro,Soundart,Sound vision and many other professional entertainment products.                                                                        

~~Although Djs Downunder is a newly registered business from 2009 we have been gathering information about the industry for over ten years and are ready to compete on all levels.                                                                                                 

~~Our djs/hosts are experienced professionals that know the job very well and can handle any given situation,rest assured they have done it many times before and know exactly what they are doing.                                                                            

~~If its a younger dj you require for the teens or an older,more mature host for more formal occasions, just let us know and we will arrange the right person for the job.                                                                                                                       

~~Finally, i would like to quote an old saying "you get what you pay for", and in saying that there are a lot of backyard boys out there that would like to get your money,so no matter how cheap,do take your time in choosing and either way we hope you select a reputable company that will look after you the customer,and your needs,we aspire to do that and know in our hearts that Djs Downunder offers one of the best value for money experiences on the market today,so choose wisely and good luck.                                    




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